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3 Types of Roof Damage Marietta Homeowners Should Know 

The weather in Marietta, GA, isn’t always predictable. The roof repair professionals of Marietta, GA are here to help you understand the types of roof damage that are most common on local homes, and what to look for ensure that you can arrange to repair or replace your roof before the problem gets worse.  

The Most Common Types of Roof Damage in Marietta, GA

While living in Georgia means you’re less likely to endure the types of roof damage that homeowners in northern climates have to deal with, like ice dams, the climate still has plenty of hazards to throw at your home all year round. Here are some of the most likely issues.

1. Wind Damage

Fierce winds can lift shingles, sometimes even removing them entirely, and cause flashing on the chimney and vents to buckle or come off. Wind also sends tree branches and other debris flying, which can land on the roof and puncture the moisture barrier or roof deck, or cause cracks that lead to leaks. 

2. Tree Damage

Flying debris isn’t the only way vegetation can damage your roof. When tree branches overhang the shingles, they create shade that supports moss and algae growth, which eat away at the shingles and speed up deterioration. The swaying branches can also scrape along the surface, removing shingle granules and increasing the risk of a leak. 

3. Hail Damage 

Marietta’s fierce thunderstorms often bring hail, which can wreak havoc on any surface it hits, including roofing. The balls of ice hurtling at the roof can dent and damage all types of roofs. Hail storms can dent asphalt shingles and remove granules, dent metal roofs, and cause wood or cedar shake roofs to splinter and crack.

Identifying and Dealing With Roof Damage 

You might be able to see some types of roof damage from the ground, but usually, the first sign of a problem is a leak, water damage to the walls or ceilings, or wet insulation or framing in the attic. If you spot any of these issues, check with your insurance company to see if your policy covers repairs, then call a roofer for help. 

If you need to make an insurance claim, document everything. Partner with a roofing company with experience working with homeowner’s insurance companies that can walk you through the process.  

Let Georgia Roof Advisors Handle Repairs to Your Marietta, GA Roof 

Whatever type of roof damage you’re dealing with, get help from the experts of Georgia Roof Advisors in Marietta, GA. The experienced contractors can identify the problem and recommend affordable, reliable repairs to restore the roof to pristine condition.

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