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9 Signs of a Bad Roof Installation in Marietta, GA

Do your chosen roofing contractors understand how to install the roof you need? A bad roof installation threatens structural integrity and causes countless other issues. So, if you suspect a subpar roof installation, don’t wait to call a team like Georgia Roof Advisors, Marietta's professional roof replacement experts.

Here’s what to look out for in top-quality roofing around Marietta, Georgia.

Nine Signs of Bad Roof Installation Not to Ignore

Is your roof installation up to scratch? Knowing the signs of a botched roofing job might help you call for repairs in time to prevent costly damage.

#1 Sagging Rooflines

After roof installation, your roof lines should be perfectly straight. And if there’s sloping or drooping on the edges, the contractor has done a poor job.

#2 Inconsistent Appearance

A well-installed roof should be flawless across each section. If your newly installed or repaired roof looks uneven in some areas, call for repairs.

#3 Broken or Damaged Materials

New shingles should have no cracks or physical issues. Noticing problems right away indicates a careless installation job.

#4 Leaks or Water Damage

Leaks or water damage are a sure sign of installation errors. Water damage is particularly worrying, as it causes mold growth and rot, which both spread quickly.

#5 Roof Stains

Roof stains appear for many reasons, but they’re always a good sign that the roof needs professional attention.

#6 No Drip Edge

Professional roofers should install a drip edge. It separates and protects your underlayment from the shingles. Without a drip edge, your roof could quickly face structural issues.

#7 Reused Flashing

It’s unacceptable for any roofer to reuse flashing when they install your roof. New, quality roofing components are the only option.

#8 Mismatched Materials

Are the materials covering your roof uniform and untouched upon installation? If not, the roofer has failed in their installation responsibilities.

#9 Missing an Underlayment

The underlayment is a crucial piece of waterproofing for your roof and the home or business beneath it. Failing to install one can lead to major issues.

What Does a Poorly Installed Roof Look Like?

If your property is going to shelter your family or business, it needs to meet all the local building codes, adhere to safety standards, and look pristine. A poorly installed roof might have a sagging roofline, an inconsistent appearance, or any broken or damaged materials. You should also call for professional help if you notice stains or missing underlayment.

How Much Do Roofing Services Cost?

The costs of roofing services vary greatly. Typically, a team like Georgia Roof Advisors will base a quote on the installation difficulty or workers required.

Is It Important To Hire Professionals for Roofing Services?

Yes. Only hire professionals with experience across various types of residential and commercial roofing systems. Unqualified contractors will perform a bad roofing job and cause damage.

Top-Rated Roofing Contractors in Marietta?Georgia Roof Advisors

Whether you need a reliable roof repair or a complete replacement, Georgia Roof Advisors offers the best services in Marietta.

If you want information or help correcting a bad roof installation, request a free estimate from Georgia Roof Advisors today!

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