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Can Tree Branches on a Roof Cause Damage in Marietta?

If you see trees close to your home with branches hanging over the roof, you probably don’t think much about it. After all, how much damage could tree branches cause to your roof anyway?

In reality, tree branches on roofs in Marietta aren’t a good thing. They can spell trouble for your home if you ignore them.

If tree branches damage your roof, you can rely on the friendly and knowledgeable team at Georgia Roof Advisors to provide quality-guaranteed roof repair in Marietta, Georgia.

How Could Tree Branches Damage Your Roof in Marietta?

Although having trees around your home is a great way to embrace nature and give your home a more rustic look, branches hanging over your shingles could be a disaster waiting to happen. So, how can they cause damage to your roof?

They Could Fall and Damage Your Roof Shingles

Dead branches and gravity are a dangerous combination. While living branches have a strong anchor to the tree, dead ones can’t hold and could fall at any moment, damaging whatever is underneath them at the time. When they hang over your roof, your shingles are the first things they will damage. 

While small, twig-size branches won’t do much harm, large branches can cause more damage than you might realize. For example, large branches could cause your shingles to crack, making them less capable of protecting your home from falling water. Especially large branches could break shingles and the roofing materials underneath, leading to a bunch of other issues for your home. 

From broken shingles to leaking roofs, large, fallen branches have the potential to cause quite a bit of damage to your roof. In worst-case scenarios, branches can fall onto people near your home, causing injury.

The Could Give Unwanted Guests Access to Your Roof

All sorts of animals love hanging and hiding out in your trees. Although you don’t want to take away their homes, the branches that hang over your roof can give them ungranted access to your house. As a result, squirrels, possums, raccoons, and other animals could treat these branches as a bridge that takes them from their natural habitat to your attic. 

Once those critters get into your home, they can start causing more damage. Calling a pest control company to get rid of your uninvited guests is often more expensive and troublesome than simply trimming the branches.

They Can Clog Your Gutters

Without your gutters, rain would cause serious damage to your home’s foundation. Similar issues can occur if you don’t keep your gutters clean.

When debris clogs your gutters, it prevents them from properly collecting water and redirecting it away from your house. The result is water overflowing from your drains onto your roof. 

When tree branches hang over your roof, they can drop leaves and twigs onto it, clogging your gutters more quickly. If you aren’t consistent with your gutter-cleaning duties, you could end up with structural issues.

They Can Encourage Mold Growth

Mold is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Although you’d rather have it on your roof than inside your home, it’s best to prevent it altogether. 

Normally, you could rely on the sun to dry off your roof before mold has a chance to take hold after a rainstorm. However, branches can give mold the shade it needs to start eating away at your shingles. You could also end up dealing with water damage on your roofing material or ceiling if it gets bad enough.

A little mold on your roof won’t cause too much damage, but if you let it fester, it will continue to worsen until it leaves you with serious problems that require an often expensive solution. 

They Could Scratch Your Roofing Material and Damage It

Tree branches on roofs can cause gradual damage that you likely won’t notice for quite some time. For instance, they can scratch your shingles, which might not seem like a big deal, but this could weaken your roofing material gradually. 

The weaker your shingles get, the less they can protect your home. Over time, the branches can damage your shingles enough to cause roof leaks. If a particularly windy storm hits Marietta, it could also take the weakened shingles off your roof.

Aside from structural issues, damaged shingles impact your home’s curb appeal. No one likes looking at their house only to see a roof riddled with damaged shingles and hanging or broken branches.

How Can You Prevent Branches From Damaging Your Marietta Roof?

The best way to prevent branches from damaging your roof is by ensuring they don’t hang over your home in the first place. You don’t necessarily need full-on tree removal, though. With the right tools, you can trim away potentially dangerous branches to protect your home while keeping your favorite trees. 

Chainsaws, pole tree pruners, and alligator loppers are just a few of the tools you can use to trim away tree branches on roofs. You can also hire a professional arborist to prune the tree and remove any potentially dangerous branches. 

Let Georgia Roof Advisors Restore Your Roof in Marietta

Branches hanging over your roof might not seem like a big deal, but they can lead to mold, clogged gutters, and other issues impacting the structural integrity of your room. The best way to prevent these issues is to remove overhanging branches, but if the damage is already done, you need a team of reliable roofers who can restore your roof quickly and without charging an arm and a leg. 

Georgia Roof Advisors has over 15 years of experience serving Marietta residents. With over 1,000 successful roof replacements and over 330 Google reviews, the team’s reputation is undeniable. 

Tree branches on roofs can cause quite a bit of damage, but having the right roofing team by your side guarantees one less thing to worry about. To learn about the benefits of metal roofs or schedule your free inspection in Marietta, Georgia, contact Georgia Roof Advisors today!

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