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Can You Lay Metal Roofing over Shingles on Your Marietta Home?

Do you have asphalt shingles but love the appeal of a metal roof? To save time and money, you're probably wondering, "Can you lay metal roofing over shingles?" As the providers of expert roofing repair in Marietta, Georgia Roof Advisors has all the answers about the benefits and disadvantages of laying a metal roof over your asphalt shingles. Keep reading to discover what you should know.

Benefits of Metal Roofing Compared to Shingles

If you're Googling "Roofing options: metal over shingles," you're probably wondering about the benefits of a metal roof in Marietta, GA, compared to shingles. Metal roofs are superior in several ways.


Whereas asphalt shingles generally last between 15 and 25 years with proper maintenance, a metal roof can last upward of 70 years. If you promptly repair it when it experiences storm damage, it's an investment you'll only have to make once in your life.


You can't find a more durable roof than metal. While it's slightly more vulnerable to denting from hail than other roofing systems, it won't crack like tile or asphalt. If you choose the right metal and coating, you also won't worry about rust. Metal resists pest infestations much better than wood, reflects sun to provide superior installation, and can even protect a fire in your home from spreading too quickly.

Curb Appeal

Many people love the enhanced curb appeal provided by a metal roof. You can change the color of the metal to enhance your existing decor, and it imparts a modern, often luxurious, look to your home. Improving your curb appeal also can lead to increasing the value of your home, which makes a metal roof a smart investment.


Metal is one of the most flexible roofing materials because you can choose different colors and materials, such as aluminum, steel, copper, or zinc. If you like the look of ceramic roofing but want something more durable, consider painting your metal roof orange for that classic Mediterranean look without any of the consequences.

Cost Effectiveness

Can metal roofing be installed over existing shingles? Yes, and metal is often one of the smartest investments you can make dollar-for-dollar. Not only does it last for several decades, meaning you won't have to ever replace your roof, but it can also lower your energy bills. According to State Farm, a metal roof can lower your cooling costs by 10-25%. If you can afford the up-front cost of a metal roof, you'll love the long-term benefits it brings.


If you're passionate about the environment, you'll love that metal roofs are one of the most eco-friendly options available. Most metal roofs contain large concentrations of recycled material and once they reach the end of their lives, you can recycle 100% of most models.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Metal Roof Over Your Shingles

Can you lay metal roofing over shingles? Yes, and there are both benefits and disadvantages of doing so. Before laying metal roofing on top of shingles, carefully consider the following.

The Pros of This Approach

In many cases, overlaying shingles with metal roofing is a good idea that can protect your home while saving you money. The benefits of this approach include:

  • You prevent the labor costs associated with ripping off the shingles before installing your new roof.
  • You're making an eco-friendly decision by keeping the discarded shingles out of a landfill.
  • The shingles underneath your metal roof can increase your insulation, further lowering your energy costs and adding a second layer of protection.

The Cons of This Approach

Never consider applying metal roofing over old shingles without realizing the associated risks. The challenges of covering your asphalt shingles with a metal roof include:

  • Even without asphalt shingles underneath, a metal roof weighs a lot and risks collapsing. Asphalt shingles add to this weight and increase the risk.
  • Some homeowners complain that a metal roof makes a lot of noise during a hail storm, though others take solace in the sound.
  • If your roof leaks and penetrates both the metal roof and the shingles, you'll pay more for repairs as the workers have to remove more layers to fix the damage.

Special Considerations for Installing a Metal Roof on Top of Shingles

If you're considering installing metal roofing over shingles, ensure you remember the following factors.

Make Repairs First

If you're considering a new roof because it needs repairs, you'll want to correct the issue before applying the metal roof on top. Repairs are even more important if you have rot or decay. Because of the heavy weight of the metal roof, you should ensure your roof and its underlying structure are in the best possible condition. The roofing specialists should look for any signs your previous roof had trouble bearing the weight, such as sagging or buckling support features.

Replace the Trim

Matching your trim with the roof is important for aesthetic reasons, of course, but you should also consider that consistent trim, such as flashing and even the gutters and downspouts, helps protect your roof from water flooding. When adding a metal roof on top of shingles, it's the perfect time to also replace trim, flashings, and gutters.

Consider the Limited Warranty

Because metal roofs can last over 50 years, you usually won't have a warranty that will cover it for the entire period, and tracking down your contractor after decades might feel overwhelming. You should purchase the best warranty available, but remember not to forgo investing in the highest quality products so you hopefully never need to use the warranty.

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Can you lay metal roofing over shingles? Yes, you can, and now that you're knowledgeable about all the benefits and risks, you can make an informed decision. As a top-rated roofing company in West Central Georgia, Georgia Roof Advisors provides exceptional service and superior products. Whether you're wondering about metal roofs vs. shingles or how best to care for your roof, we can answer all your questions.

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