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How Can I Tell If I have Missing Roof Shingles?

It's not necessary to risk anything to visually inspect your roof for missing shingles. The truth is that your shingles may break if you stroll on them. Additionally, there are safety advantages to maintaining both feet on the ground. When in doubt, seek assistance from a reputable roofing company. Drones may reach quite near, even into the roof's corners. But a standard set of binoculars will also work just fine.

How Do I Know If I Have Missing Roof Shingles?

Shingles are the rectangular pieces of asphalt-coated material that cover your home's wooden roof. They aid in deflecting hazardous debris and light. They block out all forms of precipitation and wind. Your first line of defense against pests like birds and rodents is a strong roof. A missing shingle can let a variety of issues inside your house. Replacing them as soon as they disappear is crucial.

Examine the roof from top to bottom and from left to right using a pair of binoculars. Examine each shingle to ensure that it is in good condition and that it is sitting flat on the roof. New roofs typically lose part of their granular asphalt coverings over time. If you discover some granules in your

If a shingle is badly damaged or missing, you will notice it. A missing asphalt shingle creates a hole in the covering of your roof, much like a missing puzzle piece produces a gap in a jigsaw puzzle. You will now require roof shingle repair.

What Are More Signs of Missing Roof Shingles?

Insects and dampness might enter your home through missing roof shingles. It's fairly uncommon to become aware of these issues before realizing your roof need repair. But there are more reasons besides missing shingles. It can be difficult to receive an accurate diagnosis.

Roof issues are typically detected by experts more quickly than by homeowners. It could be difficult even for do-it-yourselfers to identify the cause. When your roofer notices a problem, you can begin reasonably priced repairs. When the integrity of your home is under risk, every bit of prevention counts.

Professional roofers quickly, safely check the security of your roofing shingles and make sure they’re all securely in place. Reputable companies also have insurance to handle any mistakes they might make. Amateur roof repairs get expensive quickly if you make the wrong move.

Patching a Roof vs. Replacement

Repairing and replacing single roofing shingles is one of the easiest ways to preserve the integrity of your roof. A new roof should last a decade or more, but it won’t happen without proper maintenance. Roofing that’s allowed to fall apart one shingle at a time will not provide you with the protection or the energy efficiency you deserve.

At the same time, a total roof replacement is quite expensive and is typically not needed unless a large portion of the roof has become compromised. If your roofing starts to resemble a patchwork quilt, a replacement is in order. Needing to replace one or two shingles is nothing to worry about. A qualified roofing company will provide you with an honest assessment of the health of your roof should you ever need one.

Replace missing roof shingles the right way, right away, with help from our expert team at Georgia Roof Advisors. Contact us at the first sign of a problem so you can continue to benefit from your roof with as little investment as possible.

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