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How to Tell the Age of Your Roof in Marietta 

If you have an older home and you weren’t involved in its design or construction, you may not know exactly how old different components, like the roof, are. Knowing the age of your roof is important to decide when it’s time to invest in a replacement since they typically last only about 20 to 30 years. Georgia Roof Advisors, roofing experts in Marietta, GA, has some advice on how to tell the age of a roof.

The Easiest Ways to Determine Your Roof’s Age 

What is the fastest way to figure out how old your home’s roof is? Ask the previous owners, or check the disclosures you signed when you purchased the home. If the former occupants lived in the home for many years, they can probably give you an idea of when they last replaced the roof, if there isn’t a notation in the real estate paperwork. 

You can determine your roof’s age by contacting the county or city building permit office to search for any permits for work on your home. If the roofing company secured a permit for the project, you can request a copy and see the exact timeframe.

If the previous homeowner doesn’t know the exact date they put on a new roof, ask if they remember the name of the company that did the work. Contractors typically keep detailed records for every project, and they should be able to provide you with all the relevant details about the current roof. 

Aging Your Marietta Roof Without Documentation 

If you can’t find a paper trail to document your roof’s age, an experienced roofing company can make an educated guess. A professional inspection will reveal damage and signs of deterioration that appear over time. Roofers know how to tell the age of a roof by looking at factors like the presence of moss and algae or water damage, damaged roof valleys, rust on the flashing, and damage to shingles or panels. 

Although a roof inspection cannot reveal the precise date of roof installation, it arguably provides you with more useful information. The inspector’s report will let you know exactly what’s happening on your roof and whether it needs repairs or a replacement in the near future. You’ll have a good idea of how much longer the existing roof will last and have the chance to budget and plan for a new one.

Trust Georgia Roof Advisors for a Roof Inspection

If you’re not sure how to tell the age of a roof or you cannot locate any paperwork to confirm details about your home, schedule a roof inspection with Georgia Home Advisors. The expert contractors will evaluate your roof’s condition, identify problems like bad roof installation, and estimate its age to help you make smart decisions.

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