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Preventative Roof Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs: A Guide for Marietta, GA, Residents 

If you’re like many homeowners in the Marietta, Georgia, area, you may not think about the roof much — that is until something goes wrong. The longer you put off roof repairs, the more likely problems will get worse, until you have no choice but to spend money to fix them — or invest in a brand-new roof. To keep this from happening, Georgia Roof Advisors, the most trusted roof repair experts in Marietta, GA, has some preventative roof maintenance tips. 

1. Perform Regular Inspections 

If you don’t have experience in the construction industry, you may not know all the signs of roof damage or deterioration. That’s why you should arrange for a professional roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect and evaluate your roof every few years (more often as the roof ages) to identify issues before they need expensive repairs. Catching and repairing things like loose shingles or flashing, for example, can prevent bigger headaches down the road. 

2. Watch for Water Damage 

Placing pots and bowls around your home to catch dripping water from the ceiling is a surefire sign of roof leaks that require attention. However, small leaks aren’t always so obvious. Watch for signs of water damage, like stains on the ceiling, mold, and mildew growth, and damp spots in the attic, all of which indicate you need repairs. 

3. Perform Seasonal Maintenance 

Cleaning the gutters isn’t anyone’s favorite chore, but spending an afternoon removing leaves and other debris is an important preventative roof maintenance task. Gutters direct rainwater runoff away from your home, but the water backs up and overflows when they fill with leaves. Eventually, this can cause water to seep under the roof shingles and cause foundation damage when the water pools on the ground, both of which require costly repairs. 

4. Protect Energy Efficiency 

Keeping your roof in good condition can reduce energy consumption and ensure interior temperatures stay comfortable. Inspect the insulation in the attic occasionally to ensure it’s still in good condition and that there aren’t any cracks or gaps that could affect it and allow air in and out of the space. Make sure vents and chimneys are clear to keep heat from building up in the attic and make your home excessively warm on hot Marietta days. 

5. Avoid Storm Damage 

While you can’t protect your roof against every threat during severe weather, reduce the risk of damage by removing tree branches that overhang your home before the weather strikes. Not only can branches fall and cause damage when they scrape against the shingles in the wind, but they can also remove granules that protect against water damage. 

Partner With Georgia Roof Advisors for Preventive Maintenance 

Depending on the age of your roof, you may need more frequent preventative roof maintenance. Georgia Roof Advisors is here to help with top-notch roof inspections, repairs, and replacements. 

Don’t let a faulty roof put your home at risk of structural problems. Call Georgia Roof Advisors for help today.

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