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The Rise of Drone Technology in Georgia Roofing: Benefits and Challenges

Drone technology continues to evolve, becoming lighter and more affordable. At Georgia Roof Advisors in Marietta, Ga, we've observed its potential benefits, yet also recognize its limitations.

The Rise of Drone Technology in Georgia Roofing

Many Georgia roofers, including us at Georgia Roof Advisors, are incorporating drone technology to safely inspect, measure, and detect damages. While safety and measurement accuracy are assured, there are drawbacks. For instance, damages can sometimes be misinterpreted as storm-related, leading to insurance claim denials.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Hail and Wind Damage

Hail and wind damages are typically covered by insurance, but misinterpretations can occur. Hail damage, for instance, can resemble blisters caused by factors like volatile organic compounds or aging shingles. It's crucial to differentiate between storm damage and other issues like normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects.

When relying on drone inspections, ensure findings align with collateral damages. Evidence should extend beyond the roof to include gutters, window screens, and more.

The Irreplaceable Value of Hands-On Roof Inspections

While drone inspections serve a purpose, walking the roof remains indispensable. It provides a comprehensive understanding, revealing details like soft spots and multiple shingle layers that drones might miss. Professional roofers, like Georgia Roof Advisors, prioritize hands-on inspections to ensure informed decisions and accurate budgeting for your family's needs.

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