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Tips for Giving Your Roof a Post-Hailstorm Checkup

Inspecting your roof is one of the first things you need to do after a hailstorm. Out of all components of your home’s exterior, it is your roofing system is the easiest to batter down. Whether or not it is covered with impact-resistant materials, your roof is a sitting duck for high-velocity hailstones.

To Georgia Roof Advisors, the best roofing company in the region, proper inspection is key to timely service. Below are expert tips for assessing your roof for hail damage effectively and safely.

Write Down the Storm Details

First and foremost, jot down when the hailstorm occurred. Do not rely on your memory alone, for the brain is not always a reliable record-keeping tool. Bookmark relevant stories to back up your data.

Do Not Get on Your Roof

Every experienced roofing company will not advise you to personally climb the ladder or use an upstairs window to access the rooftop. Yes, it does help to have a look at your roof up close. But walking on sloped and potentially slippery elevated areas without any safety equipment whatsoever is a perilous undertaking.

Take Snapshots of the Apparent Damage

Search for signs of hail damage from the ground instead. Find a good vantage point from where you can have a panoramic view of your roof, and take photos with your phone. It is possible that traces of hail can be found in just some parts of the house because of the wind, so tour the perimeter of your property to check it out from different angle.

Measure Hailstones on the Ground

Most importantly, document the size of hailstorms that have ravaged your house. Waste no time, for they could melt as the outdoor temperature rises. Any roof repair professionals will advise you to use a tape measure or compare it to another object you can carry by hand.
Let Georgia Roof Advisors inspect your roofing system more meticulously to uncover any issues you may have missed and address them accordingly. Call us at [company_phone] to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation in Marietta.

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