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Who Do I Call – My Roofer or HVAC Company?

Clanging noises, stuffy attics, water leaks – what do these all have in common? The answer is that they could all seem to be caused by either a roof or HVAC system issue. At Georgia Roof Advisors , we often receive calls that are not roof related at all. Issues on a roof may seem like roof damage, but they could actually stem from HVAC problems. HVAC companies, like our partners Dayco Systems, often get calls for roof-related issues. These issues can be mistaken for problems with the HVAC system. Therefore, our companies have joined forces to clarify common issues. Together, we aim to differentiate between roof and HVAC-related problems.

    Keep reading below to see what the most common issues are and which business to call for help!


    What’s that rattling noise? Do you hear a clanging sound? It could be a tree hitting your roof and causing potential damage. Or, more than likely, it Is coming from your air conditioning unit. Check your air conditioning system and listen for the sound there. The most common reasons for the rattling are components being knocked around in the blower fan. This includes bent fan blades or a loose fan beltMany of these occur in older systems, but before you check your roof for debris, check your air conditioning first! While some of these are simple fixes, others can mean a bigger problem that requires professional help.

    Issue: HVAC

    Metal Pieces

    One of the most easily confused roofing issues is metal pieces on the roof. Many homeowners notice metal sticking up on their roof and assume that it is some type of damage. However, these are often exhaust components for an HVAC system. They can deteriorate and rust over time and may become more visible or prominent. This can lead to water buildup and affect your roof down the road, so make sure to call your HVAC contractor to determine if a fix is necessary.

    Issue: HVAC


    A leak on your ceiling can cause us to believe there is roof damage allowing moisture into our home. However, these leaks are often caused by HVAC units. Frozen coils, ductwork issues, or clogged air filters can lead to issues that then lead directly to leaks. Proper maintenance, including annual inspections and regularly changing air filters can help to prevent situations that cause leaks and potential water damage. If there was a recent storm in your area, it could be storm damage to your roof from debris, so take that into consideration before calling your contractor.

    Issue: HVAC or Roof


    When our home suddenly feels warmer in hotter temperatures, we assume our HVAC is having issues or that our air conditioning system has stopped working. There are several reasons why your roof could be causing this issue, rather than your HVAC system. Asphalt shingles are dark and trap more heat, leading to warmer indoor temperatures. Poor roof ventilation and an improperly installed roof can also cause excess warm air, typically within an attic or top floor, making your home feel warmer than it should.

    Issue: Roof

    Did you know that both Georgia Roof Advisors and Dayco Systems have been voted Best of Cobb for the past three years? Georgia Roof Advisors and Dayco Systems are companies trusted by the residents of Cobb County and can help you manage your roofing and HVAC system issues.

    You can help to prevent any HVAC issues by scheduling annual inspections. If you believe your issue is roof related, contact Georgia Roof Advisors for a free roof inspection at (678)757-3477 or visit https://www.georgiaroofadvisors.com/contact/.

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